Between work and sleep...


Here are some of my buys from last month. I finally bought my FIRST Etoile Isabel Marant item! 
Well, it's second hand but that doesn't make it less cool. I love the simplicity of the skirt, it's just very timeless. And it was such a bargain I had to do it. Bought a new pair of Converse sneakers (I prefer the low ones) and a skirt, striped shirt and pinapple printed shirt (all H&M Trend). Last week there was a vintage kg sale in Amsterdam, you would only pay 15 euros per kilogram. They had shoes, bags and lots of clothing. Love hunting for some pretty stuff at such places, at the end I bought four items.


  1. Leuke aankopen! Zit je nog steeds op MIC? Welke profiel doe je eigenlijk?


  2. Vind echt alles leuk wat je gekocht hebt!


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