It's about time for a new 'Instaddicted' if you ask me! After the jump you'll find a bunch of pictures shot in the last few weeks. I've bought a lot. But that's because I deserve it... Right? Emotional shopping always works for me. (read more)

I'm still very happy with my piercing!

Bought this (really oversized) blouse at the Noordermarkt. They only sell vintage there

New Flowers! I went for fake ones this time, cause even a cactus dies when I take care of it

New 'leather' pants from H&M, love them! The fit's really great

New H&M Trend earclips. They hurt like hell...
Shoes! I'm in love with these Zara loafers

I still see some space left for more treasures ;)

A regular outfit with my new Primark scarf and Zara jacket

New Zara dress, and bought the van Dalen (Dicker boots) in black this time

Dinner at Vapiano before heading to a TV-show

Awesome bomberjacket from Primark! Best buy since weeks

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  1. Verliefd op je leren broek <3! Ziet er super mooi uit!

  2. Jij hebt altijd van de leuke spulletjes! En door jou wil ik nog meer een neuspiercing. Maar helaas vind m'n vriend het niks en dat krijg ik te horen ook... :')


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