Caroline's bangin' bangs

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It's not everyday I get flabbergasted by a hairdo. Though the amazing (and totally unknown for me) Caroline de Maigret blew me away! Born in Paris, Caroline became a model, and for who? Chanel, Hermes, Balenciaga and many more fell in love with her stunning beauty. Today it was my turn. I love her looks, and must say she (almost) convinced me about getting my hair cut in bangs too. Bangs just add so much more to your style. My hair has been boring for ages. I WANT THAT HAIRSTYLE. But, I'm still in doubt, so help me out guys: bangs, or no bangs?! 

Read more to see other amazing pictures from Caroline... and her amazing hair ;)


  1. Godver Daphne, nu wil ik ook een pony. En dat staat mij niet eens.
    Ik zeg doen! Jouw haar groeit toch 20 cm per dag :) haha

  2. Ah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaauw!!

  3. Ik vind een pony mooi, maar juist mooier als het wat netter is. Zo rommelig vind ik wat minder.


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