Bead that shit

I've bought a few items the last few weeks, and I would like to share them with you! I must say that I'm totally broke now, so I hope you like it ;) Water and bread. Oh, the joy of loving fashion!

Read more to see my other buys!

Above: My new necklace from a small jewelry store in Amsterdam.
 I like the beads, and the cuteness of the necklace itself. It's so tiny and minimalistic.
The candles are from the Action.
 I've bought this skinny jeans at H&M Trend, I like the print!

 My new American Vintage dress, which I've bought on sale for 1/4 of the normal price! It looks like a bag on these pictures, but is really pretty in person. And soft, cause it's mostly made of silk.

 My new pride: This gorgeous Zara dress! I went shopping with my parents, and when I saw it I felt totally in love with this dress. The fabric is really light and luxurious, and it fits like a glove. 
Bought this a-symetric H&M Trend blouse on sale. I like the shape of it, and the color suited me surprisingly well. Always nice to buy things with a huge discount ;)


  1. Oh allemaal heel mooi, vooral dat jurkje van American Vintage!

  2. I love ur new buys, u have great taste!especially love the jeans and top from H&M! Happy wearing!


  3. KOMMOP ga eens bloggen!
    liefs het liefste meisje die je kent :)

  4. Ik snap niet waarom jouw blog niet 3892032893290233928389203902893039208 reacties heeft elke dag, het is toch gewoon geweldig??? Echt. Dat vind ik oprecht.


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