Eat this, Isabel - Part two

pictures: me
Here they are! My new Isabel Marant knock offs! I have been wanting these babies for months now, but unfortunately I never had the money for the real ones. Luckily for me I've discovered eBay (I know, eBay rookie!) a few weeks ago, and here they are! For a very reasonable price, I'm the luckiest girl in the world :) 

Click to see more pictures!

They're made of real leather, and costed me only €50, and not the regular €500. Sometimes I love a knock off. Only thing is that they are a bit too small for my feet (I've ordered the biggest size, 38,5) but that will hopefully change after I wear them a few times in the house. Who can resist these shoes, with a hidden heel? I love it that I'm a few inches higher when wearing these!

I've ordered the shoes: here


  1. ik vind ze ook zo mooi maar ik vind de allereerste versie met de veters nog leuker (:

  2. Can you link us to the ebay page?
    I can't seem to find it.
    Thank you :)

  3. Anonymous17/4/12 09:50

    Jeez, ik heb de real ones, maar deze zien eruit als heel goede fakers. Zit er nu bijna aan te denken om zo'n paar erbij te kopen, ze zijn echt goed en goedkoop. En ze vallen dus kleiner uit?


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