Honey, I bleached the kids

I'm back! Sorry for neglecting No Function for so long, but I just couldn't find the motivation to post anymore. I don't want to write articles just so there are new ones... So I waited for some inspiration. And I've found it! Read more to see how I've transformed my old, boring pair of jeans...

A few years ago I've bought a pair of dark blue jeans at H&M for only 10 euros. I've worn it a couple of times, but it always ended up in the back of my closet after a few wears. It moved with me to Amsterdam, and last week I discovered the jeans again. When I saw this DIY on www.thefashionguitar.com (click!) I knew what to do with it!

With the Isabel Marant collection as a inspiration, I started bleaching the jeans. I followed the steps on The Fashion Guitar, and waited for the jeans to bleach... But at the end, I didn't like the result. I felt like a fool, in my opinion the print was way too much. I grabbed my scissors and just started cutting the jeans as shorts, and I have to admit: I like the result! Yay, subtile but with a twist. You like it? ;)


  1. Yeah, I like it! Grappig ook die elastieken ;)


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