Let's hit French roads forever

For a week me and six of my friends stayed in the sweetest French house éver. Located in the north of France, in the middle of nowhere there was this farm-turned-home waiting for our stay. Situated between cows, grass and hills we relaxed by the campfire and enjoyed the rays of sun. Doing pretty much nothing was everything I needed this week. The French cuisine is in my opinion one of the best in the world. The cheese, meat and wine: all absolutely amazing. I think I can call myself obese now. 

God, I wanna go back. 


  1. Anonymous28/6/13 15:16

    ben jij op vakantie geweest met chef special?
    Super vet!

    x eva

  2. Ik volg je al een tijdje via ellegirl maar ga je nu ook via blogger volgen.
    Ik vind je blog en kledingstijl echt geweldig!


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