About time for a new Instaddicted if you ask me! Check out some of my 
Instagram shots from the month May. And don't forget to follow me here.
Worked as a volunteer at the Pony Park Festival (I hoola-hooped all day)
Wearing my new skirt (Zara) and denim jacket (Primark)
Checking out one of the productions I've helped with in VIVA magazine
Wearing my new sneakers from Nike and my second Isabel Marant buy: the t-shirt
'Blogging like a pro'. Hopefully it will be effective ;)
Just a shameless selfie
Got my own name as a light (Daphne)! Straight from the H&M window, how cool? 


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Heb je dat licht echt ontvangen van H&M voor jezelf? Gaaf!
    Leuke foto's verder!

    1. Ja, ik heb voor H&M gewerkt!

  3. Je bent al een pro als je het mij vraagt! super leuke blog! instagram is leuk maar ik ben nog niet verslaafd :)
    Love, The mind of an exchange


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