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I used to collect cactus plants as a kid! Had to take a picture of these cuties 

Yes! Time for a new 'Instaddicted'. I've had quite some busy weeks lately with lots of exams, and of course those bloody emotional Christmas days. I'm glad that's over, and hope for 2013 to become a bit better for me and my family. That must not be so hard I think. I've visited the Modefabriek, Grazia's Bloggers Masterclass, bought some clothes  and survived the cold snow (read more)

Wearing my new Maison Scotch jeans and H&M Trend jacket + tee

This is what I do when I'm bored. Right.

My street, the Weesperzijde, is gorgeous this time of the year

Bring it on, winter!

New H&M Trend jeans and zara bag + blouse (all sale items)

Me and my friend at the Modefabriek 

The best part of the Modefabriek are the free magazines ;)

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