I know what I did this summer

Me and my friend Irene at Sziget festival, Hungary

It just came to mind that I didn't show you guys anything of my vacation this summer! 
Not a single glimps of what was a great, but hard time in my life. Just two weeks after 
the passing of my mother, I went to Sziget festival in Hungary with six other friends. 
We planned it for weeks, but making the actual decision to go was kinda hard. (read more)

After almost two weeks of concerts and sun, I went home for a day. Cause the next day, Lowlands Festival was gonna start! I've always wanted to visit Lowlands, and my mom paid a small amount to get me there. That's why I went, it was one of her last presents.

I've had an amazing time, these three weeks. My friends are the best, and made this difficult time a lot more bearable for me. Ofcourse it's weird, when everybody is partying and you're just in so much mental pain. But it's good to draw your attention away from the bad things sometimes. It really helped for me.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Analog and Instagram, who needs more? 


  1. Erg goed dat je dat gedaan hebt! Ik hoop dat je toch ook was tijd voor jezelf hebt gehad!

  2. Wow, dat klinkt echt superheftig. Wel heel goed dat je gegaan bent als ik de foto's zo zie. Hele toffe foto's! Sziget is geweldig. :) Liefs


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