Just over a week ago I bought my first Iphone! Finally! Now I'm back in the land of the living when it comes to social network apps like Whatsapp. Missed that one like crazy, after my Blackberry got stolen last year. I've also been Instagramming like a maniac, so there are a lot of photos after the jump! Enjoy.

My new Zara floral bomber jacket, found on sale
Went to Artis (a zoo in Amsterdam) with my little niece Lovis
Lovis showing her best smile
Bought a lot of fruit last week, yummm
The view in front of my house is so pretty
Bought this H&M Trend sweater on sale
Oops, dirty Zara boots
Finally got my Rotan chair in Amsterdam
Still loving the nosepiercing :)
Got the whole H&M Trend jacket collection now, haha. Bought the last one on sale.

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  1. Ik ben gek op Instagram! Leuke foto's.

  2. Leuke foto's allemaal! En een heel tof stoeltje.

  3. Les photos sont tres belles!J'aime beaucoup
    Angela Donava


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