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Late update alarm! I'm very busy with my study, and... the great weather here in Holland. I'm sorry! 
Here are my Berlin purchases, I hope you like them. Or not. Read more!

 Isabel Marant inspired fishnet tanktop from H&M Divided, and a vintage sweater bought at the Mauerpark flea market in Berlin
Silver bracelet with stones on it. Bought it on the Mauerpark flea market 
for only 5 euro. I think it's very special, me like!
 Ofcourse I had to buy the first issue of the Dutch Vogue. Although I'm not so enthusiastic about it yet. Bought the H&M Trend waist skirt and necklace in Berlin
Floral bomberjacket from Zara, bought in Berlin
LOVE this bag! It says: Miau!?! Bought it at the Mauerpark flea market
And a picture of me from last saturday. I had a 'Back to the Future' theme party and I went as a 'spacegirl' or something like that. I painted the galaxy and rockets on everybody's arm, haha


  1. Dat jasje en die tas zijn echt geweldig! Leuke aankoopjes.


  2. Anonymous27/3/12 22:47

    Heel tof! het bloemenjasje heb ik ook gekocht! En het Mauwerpark is te gek!

  3. Ja leuk jasje! Laatste foto is ook leuk :)

  4. Wat ben je ook geweldig hea! haha. Die laatste foto is echt te leuk :D
    Mis je!


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