The Hunger

I love to try out new magazines! This time I've bought The Hunger: a new 
magazine about fashion, photography, literature and art.

I love The Hunger already! It's launched on the 17th of November, and comes in stores four times a year. This is the Winter Issue, and costs €8 euro in specialized bookstores in Holland. I will definitely buy the next issue. Look at those great photographs! I'm scared to read it, cause I don't want it to damage, haha. 

Still hungry? Visit www.hungertv.com for more.


  1. Slien Dionnetje13/1/12 15:45

    Pink panter, beter maak je een post over onze geweldige projectuitslagen!
    Verder super nice popske.

    X onschuldig watermannetje

  2. wauw wat een foto's zeg!


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