Holy nights

Walking along the Amstel on Christmas day. Had a delicious lunch with my parents...

Coat/H&M Trend  Dress/H&M Trend  Boots'/Van Dalen  Scarf/Primark
 My street

 'De Ysbreeker'
 My new wishbone necklace
The best hot chocolat I've had in a while

On Christmas the only thing me and my family did was watch TV. And eat. And watch TV again. I guess that's Christmas is all about. Me and my parents lunched at 'De Ysbreeker' just a few steps away from my appartement. I had the most amazing homemade chocolate pie, which was gone before I even could make a picture of it. It's a nice place. Hope you've enjoyed Christmas! X


  1. Mooie foto's en wat een leuke jas heb je!

  2. Leuk! je jas is super mooi


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